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After my initial years in college, it was clear I wanted to be a developer. Every IT-niche, be it networking, hardware or whatelse, stimulated my interest greatly... But development goes further. It gives me the tools I need to create things. Since I have a fulltime job, I work about 40 hours a week with Java technology. In my spare time, I get to use a lot of other languages and frameworks, to spice things up. Each new project gets the attention it needs, and I'm continiously trying to improve my skills and put the requirements higher for myself.

In other moments, I like to spend time with my SO. We like travelling and we try to raise two beautiful young... cats! I also enjoy longboarding, bmx riding, surfing, sports in general, music, good shows and Formula 1!

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Kevin Maertens
8800 Roeselare



Katholieke Hogeschool Kortrijk

Bachelor Degree in Applied Informatics 2008-2011

Here, I learned all the basics of IT and got a solid base for later education. The school offered a wide range of courses, going from development (.NET, Java), networking, OS management, DBA, hard- and middleware, server management, and so on... I also had my first work experience while studying here, thanks to our small business project and an internship in one of Belgium's biggest players in IT.


Master in Industrial Engineering 2011-2012

In Gent, I approached IT in a more theoretical way. In combination with a lot of mathematics and physics, my study approach had to change and improve rapidly in comparison to my Bachelor Degree. I only finished one of the two required years, but I do not see this experience as a failure. It is here I learned c++ (an important language to hone your performance and memory management skills), programming algorithms and quick adaptation to new technologies and frameworks. I might not be a Master in Industrial Engineering, but I took as much knowledge from that year with me as possible.



Senior Java Developer/Analyst August 2012 - Present

Our team is responsible for the ADMB Online portal and many of its hosted applications. On one hand we try to redevelop and reinvent as much of the company's existing PL/SQL Forms applications in Java. Besides that a lot of new projects are developed, and from time to time there's even some room for support and bugfixing. I have worked on some of the largest applications we offer, e.g. our in-house Salary Simulation Tool, the Budget Planning Application or TeamOnline, an online platform for employee-management. A big part of the job is trying to implement the current and ever-changing regulations in a clear and transparant manner. I am a Java webdeveloper, and in that function I have worked with Spring, JSF, Web Services, Maven, PrimeFaces, and many more so far.


Intern March 2011 - June 2011

In RealDolmen, I had the opportunity to work on my bachelor thesis. I developed a well-documented SSO-environment with integrated EID authentication. As a proof-of-concept, three multi-language webapplications were developed to showcase my solution in realtime.


It is not easy to choose which skills to present here, nor to grade myself. My best guess was to try and objectivly look at my projects and even moreso, at my progress over the years. I did not include certain frameworks or technologies because of a lack (or an insufficient amount of) projects to back my skill level up (Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS, NodeJS, ...), but nonetheless the following skills allow me to create a wide range of websites and applications.

  • Java
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Photoshop


  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German

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